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The Internet has become the veritable lifeline to business operations. Web applications help businesses effectively harness this potential by combining the ease and familiarity of a browser experience with cross platform compatibility and functionality. But what are the methods to gauge the effectiveness of such operations? How can security aspects be assessed and fixed? How are such vulnerabilities identified? This and many more such associated questions are answered by Paramount’s comprehensive web application security testing process. Our focus here is very simple – to work with you to achieve your business goals, and partner for the next level of improvements in order to attain competitive advantage in any scenario.

What is web application security testing?

Web-Application Security Testing is a systematic and structured high-end analysis, testing and reporting exercise conducted in order to:

  1. Highlight the vulnerabilities associated with the web application
  2. Provide recommendations for mitigating the identified Vulnerabilities

By accessing the vulnerabilities in the application layer, pushing the limits of defenses in networks, uncovering application loopholes and configuration errors, a high level of quality assurance is achieved.

What is web application security testing so important?

Changing Times

  1. Presence on the Internet involves dealing with an ever-shifting landscape. New technologies emerge while others wither away, so do attack vectors and associated methods.
  2. Protocols rise and fall. Traffic patterns change. Disruptive work processes and technologies emerge.
  3. Network firewalls, which were once built to block dangerous protocols, particularly remote procedure calls (which enable programs to communicate), now find themselves helpless as these same protocols re-emerge, encapsulated inside HTTP. This opens up new avenues to explore and exploit Face of Organization
  4. Web Applications have become face of any organization. If the application is compromised there is severe reputational and financial loss.
  5. Organization may lose the confidence of shareholders and the customers.

Websites – The New Battleground

  1. A traditional network firewall cannot perform the deep inspection of traffic that is now necessary. This has been capitalized upon by hackers – the amount of new HTTP-borne attacks uncovered virtually every day is staggering
  2. From their hidden dens and through distributed networks of zombies and infected proxies, hackers unleash a spate of attacks that leave no Web Server untouched in their quest to infiltrate, exploit and extort
  3. The average website is targeted anywhere from 2 times to 200 times a day by miscellaneous worms and crawlers, which attempt a slew of diverse attacks. Since these attacks are automated, their numbers are only set to grow. The attackers never tire, while network firewalls remain inert.

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Approach and Offerings

Application security encompasses measures taken throughout the code’s life-cycle to prevent gaps in the security policy of an application or the underlying system (vulnerabilities). The presence of these gaps and vulnerabilities are due to the flaws in the design, development, deployment, upgrade and/or maintenance of the application. Paramount web-testing cycle walks through a series of tasks specially designed for the identification of vulnerabilities of assets exposed to the public domain. Each step is a result of meticulous researched study, which follows a proven methodology. Every stage of the methodology generates an output that may serve as a piece of information for individual reporting or as input for a subsequent task.

Outcome and Delivery

From uncovering issues to closing the entry via back doors, Paramount’s consolidated approach gives your organization the cutting edge in web application security. With end-to-end offerings and comprehensive testing protocols, any defects are identified early, thereby safeguarding your digital process, business continuity, reputation and online assets. Our actionable insights and accelerated innovation capabilities ensure that you are perched for business success…always!

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