Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing

How Secure is Secured?

As a regional leader in technology solutions, Paramount delivers sophistication, passion and experience to all types of network systems and Cybersecurity. By combining transformational thinking to security and implementing the best practices in vulnerability assessment – from thinking to doing to offering meaningful insights and identifying gaps at every step, we help ensure that your information assets are safe, always!

What is Vulnerability Assessment?

Vulnerability assessment provides on-demand scanning of the entire network, including wireless networks, by providing solutions to patch all the possible vulnerabilities and enforce enacted policies.

What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing provides a quick and detailed analysis of current exposure of the systems or network to vulnerabilities, which threaten critical technological assets.

Approach and Offerings

Paramount’s vulnerability assessment and penetration testing have been designed to help organizations determine the degree to which an enterprise’s critical information systems and infrastructure components are susceptible to intentional attack or unfortunate error as a result of weaknesses or vulnerabilities, inherent even in the most popular applications and operating systems. 99% of all intrusions result from the exploitation of unknown vulnerabilities or configuration errors, when counter measures are actually available. This is what we aim to identify and seal.

Paramount Approach

Paramount Approach

Outcome and Delivery

Paramount brings an attacker’s perspective to all assessment and testing activities. These help organizations

  1. Prevent network compromise
  2. Identify actionable items and improve security posture
  3. Validate effectiveness
  4. Cover all WASC, OWASP Top 10, CVE / NVDB / SANS Top 20 vulnerabilities
  5. Ensure ISO27001, ISR, ADSIC, PCI compliance friendly reporting
  6. Eliminate false positives and prioritize real threats
  7. Support efforts to achieve and maintain compliance with industry and governmental requirements and regulations

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