Virtual Security Officer (VSO)

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)is a senior individual in an organization, who is responsible for managing the information technology and all associated computer systems, which in turn support and play a critical role in the functioning of the enterprise. Small and medium business benefit the most in an outsourced CISO model – also called as virtual CISO. Paramount has worked with intent and enterprise to perfect this model, thereby offering companies the ability to engage with experienced minds whilst eliminating the cost and the hiring challenges accompanying the same.

Typical role of a CISO includes:

  1. Participation in management meetings
  2. Creation of a security strategy
  3. Framing of a policy framework that suits your business
  4. Periodic health and status checks
  5. Technology audits and assessments
  6. VA/PT and risk assessments
  7. Forensic and incident response strategy
  8. Awareness and training solutions
  9. Certification hand holding
  10. Management presentations

Who is the concept of a virtual security officer?

The CISO is typically seen as an in-house resource. However, we are beginning to witness a change in this trend, one where the CISO is not a company employee, but a virtual CISO.

As an extension of your team, a virtual CISO monitors, implements and manages various systems and processes, whilst being completely accountable and knowledgeable. Hiring a perfect fit for the post of a CISO is a challenge most companies face and our virtual CISO concept is designed to address this need.

Approach and Offerings

Our highly experienced management and consulting team works with your organization’s IT and Cybersecurity designates right from drafting the security strategy to handholding the execution process on an on-going basis. Different (necessary) skillsets come on board at varied times to deliver the necessary security aspects. Thus, the key challenge of finding the right individual is solved, and the organizational aspirations of business continuity are fulfilled, with an entire team that is ready to be deployed at short notice or at any given point of time.

The Virtual CISO shall ensure that your security strategy is aligned to your business objectives and that your investments are prioritized to best meet those objectives. This model assures you of committed security from experts round the year.

Paramount’s other value propositions include:

  1. With a team of 150+ consultants, you will always be assured of the right expertise in terms of solution and technology advisory
  2. Entire teams are regionally available
  3. The deputed consultant has the backing of Paramount’s pool of highly skilled and qualified consultants and researchers
  4. Quarterly MIS reports
Paramount Approach

Outcome and Delivery

As a result of engaging with Paramount under the virtual CISO concept, you are assured of

  1. Seamlessly complying with increasing regulatory and compliance requirements, like ISO 27001, ISO 20000, ISO 22301, ISR and ADSIC, amongst others.
  2. Elimination of hiring challenges
  3. Benefit from experienced security expertise at each stage of the requirements.
  4. On-demand security leadership.

Paramount Approach


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