Paramount Presents Cybersecurity for Beginners: Episode1: Careers in Cybersecurity

Episode 1 deals with the cybersecurity skills gap, what courses make a difference, what skills people are looking for and how the industry looks like in general in the UAE.


At Paramount we believe that we need to make a difference as an organisation, be it for our stakeholders, our employees, our vendors and our community.

Women in Cybersecurity: Featuring Amritha Kumar

Despite a huge skills gap in the cybersecurity industry women are still highly underrepresented in the cybersecurity industry. But a recent study by Harvard reveals that women, in fact, make a better workforce compared to their male counterparts in the industry. We have in conversation Amrita Kumar from Paramount's Consulting team talking about what it means to be a woman in cybersecurity.

What Is WannaCry? Discussion on Global Ransomware Attack

Paramount Computer Systems introduces our security analyst from the Threat Research team to answer questions about what Ransomware is. Why should people be concerned about it? How has ransomware disturbed our lives? How does Ransomware spread? Check out the video to know the answers to all these questions...