Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016

1. Ransomware led Cyber Extortion will see significant surge:
Encryption which was hitherto the tool of information protectors will be effectively used by the attackers in making money. Cryptowall hacking group making USD 325 million would motivate other cyber adversaries to join the group. Without any significant countermeasure to offset this, organizations needs to focus on employee awareness on phishing and backing up of data on a daily basis.

2. Increase in SCADA Attacks:
Very close to the start of the year, we witnessed the first ever known power outage caused by a cyber-attacks. The Ukrainian power outage that hit multiple cities for around six hours can be considered as crossing of the Rubicon in the Cybersecurity space. With plunging oil prices, worsening economic situation around the globe, we should expect state and non-state actors attack critical and competitive services of other nation states.

3. Rise in Mobile Malware:
With the number of mobile devices being actively hooked into the Internet, we can expect a surge in rise of mobile malware that would affect individuals and organizations alike.

4. IoT-based Attack:
While it is generally expected that IoT is going to ease up the quality of life by bringing in automation into the daily living space, the same IoT components could be used by cyber adversaries to perpetrate sophisticated data thefts and information stealing. With small manageable devices having advanced sensing capability and ability to connect to remote stations, I expect these devices being used for security attacks.

5. Increase in Hardware Vulnerabilities:
Hardware vulnerabilities are a nightmare for Cybersecurity Professionals. This leaves them with large gaping holes without having an ability to detect or close the vulnerability very easily. We could see a lot more of these vulnerabilities being published and exploited in this year.


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