PCS Telecom BU delivers technical services and solutions in partnership with the prime vendors in the Security and Data Centre Operator Network Infrastructure (Wireline & Wireless) vertical to develop and deploy solutions and services to Telecom Service and Internet Providers across GCC.

PCS Telco BU assists customers in the following areas -

  1. Design and deployment of large scale NGN (Next Generation Networks).
  2. Consolidating operator assists like DC and help lower cost and improve savings.
  3. Providing IT Security consultation services across service provider platforms.
  4. Providing legacy firewalling, content and IAM solutions.

PCS Telecom BU is differentiated into Telco Security Assessment and Assurance team which provides advisory services around -

  1. Architecture review based on SABSA/TOGEF frame work.
  2. Consulting services for their MSS and Telco elements in the network.
  3. Consulting engagements like ITSM, ISO 20000, ISMS, VA/PT, source code review etc.

Some of the major technology offering from the PCS Telecom BU are listed below -

  1. PE, P, IGW based routing solutions
  2. Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  3. Security Solutions – Firewall
  4. Content Security, IDAM, GRC
  5. CGNAT - Carrier Grade NAT
  6. Data Centre - Security Solutions for Virtualized East-West Traffic and Mobile IMS Core Security.
  7. SDN & NFV - SDN Controller
  8. Mobile Backhaul - Seamless MPLS
  9. Virtual CPE
  10. Caching Solutions
  11. DDoS Solutions


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