Security & Risk Management

SIEM & Security Analytics:

Today’s business depends on technology infrastructure that is often distributed across a wide expanse – both physical and virtual environments. Cloud Computing, virtualization and mobile work forces are just a few examples of the ‘hyper-extended enterprise’ an organization has become, with a disappearing physical and logical boundary. Managing security incidents is not just a fundamental need for security itself, but is driven by both internal and external compliance requirements as well. Organizations can quickly exhaust their security resources hunting down false positives or tracking issues that, in the end, are just not business critical. As a company delivering powerful transformations, Paramount’s Security incident management and Risk management solutions ensure that you stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats…always!

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Tools help Enterprise IT Organizations get a better handle on aggregating and analyzing data generated by disparate security devices. SIEM is an integral component of a ‘Defense in Depth’ or layered security strategy – it meets the main purpose of log collection and compliance reporting.

Security Analytics as a concept is a continuation of SIEM. It builds on the process of log collection and puts more focus on the analysis piece. Not every organization is ready to move to security analytics today. There is a natural growth curve from compliance to incident detection, to incident investigations and forensics, and, finally, advanced analytics utilizing a Big Data Warehouse.

Vulnerability and Risk Management:

To protect Networks you need the best view of the network landscape, a comprehensive understanding of vulnerabilities and critical assets, knowledge of potential threats and speedy implementation of counter measures. Asset discovery, vulnerability identification, attack simulation, risk mitigation and analytics reporting all need to be automated to ensure a seamless yet reliable business experience and interaction. Streamlining the process of demonstrating compliance to standards like ISO 27001, PCI –DSS, NERC-CIP is an absolute must.

Vulnerability assessment is a continuous Cybersecurity process that requires steady management oversight. It is considered a security best practice and a defensive measure to protect against any present or emerging threat. We ensure that your organization is wired for readiness at all times with four high level processes that encompass vulnerability management – Discovery, Reporting, Prioritization and Response. Each process and sub processes within it need to be part of a continuous cycle focused on improving security and reducing the risk profile of network assets.

Advanced Threat Prevention:

Advanced persistent threats have become a reality for companies in all industries. These targeted attacks can come from myriad sources and involve sophisticated approaches. They thus require unprecedented vigilance to ensure that the entire business paradigm is not shifted negatively because of such incidents.

Today’s threats require an updated and layered defense models that utilizes advance technologies to prevent unexpected attacks. To ensure that your organization is not in the media for the wrong reason, you must deploy mechanisms to prevent targeted attacks. The steep rise in cybercrime, targeted attacks, and sophisticated malware is wreaking havoc on large enterprise organizations and CISOs are scrambling to reinforce their defenses and mitigate risks as quickly and quietly as they can. Paramount’s innovative and effective anti-malware technology model can help you get visibility into email, web threats, and content, while creating a built-in threat intelligence model to mitigate risks within the organization.

Paramount through its diverse vendor relationships and implementation experience is ready to guide you along this journey. With our proactive approach and a hawk-eye to detail, we deliver comprehensive solutions that combine technology, strategy, governance, risk and compliance.

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