Security Audit

Towards achieving an ‘Iron Dome’!

Paramount’s independent security audits are designed to access compliance, manage and mitigate IT risk at all levels, apply best practices, plan for different eventualities, test preparedness, monitor evolving scenarios and accurately anticipate risks. As the forerunner in Cybersecurity solutions in the Middle East, we bring comprehensive technical expertise, laser focus and deep insight to whatever we do.

What is a Security Audit?

A security audit is defined as a thorough and methodical assessment of an enterprise’s information system by evaluating to what extent the enterprise adapts and complies with the criteria established. The scope of security audits typically includes an assessment of physical and environmental security, user management practices, compliance to policies and procedures, Cybersecurity controls, IT operational processes, IT continuity strategy and implementation, IT staff and employees’ knowledge on security, amongst other aspects.

Security audits are extremely important because they give a holistic view of the security posture of an enterprise from an independent stand point. A thorough security audit ensures that information at any level is protected from breach at all times.

Approach and Offerings

Paramount’s independent security audits add clarity to your approach and deliver a perfect roadmap to help achieve your business goals. We

  1. Define and agree on the scope and audit criteria
  2. Review all existing documentation
  3. Review IT processes, People Processes, and technology by way of interviews, observations and checks
  4. Identify gaps, risks associated and the impact to business.
  5. Document the findings with records (non-conformances, observations and positive aspects).

Outcome and Delivery

The outcome of our extensive audit ensures that all touch points of exposure are identified, controlled and mitigated. With intelligent insight, disciplined execution and multiple assessment methods, we paint an accurate picture of the client organization’s position. We deliver

  1. Independent and objective assurance on
  2. Adequacy of documentation
  3. Effectiveness of technical and non-technical controls implemented
  4. Expert advisory services including technology adequacy
  5. Recommendations to clients based on industry best practices
  6. Follow-up audits to check for the closure of identified ‘gaps’
  7. User awareness education
  8. Management reviews
  9. Final detailed reports with recommendations based on ISO27001, COBIT and other best practices


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