SAP Cybersecurity Services

When it comes to SAP Security, Organizations must not limit to traditional IT security & SAP GRC. It is rather disastrous to purely rely on audit around Roles, Profiles and Authorizations.

The patented innovation, developed by Onapsis, is the first SAP Cybersecurity solution that combines ‘Vulnerability, Compliance, Detection and Response’ capabilities that traditional security solutions do not provide.”

With a focus on SAP and through continuous monitoring the platform provides organizationswith an adaptive approach to assess, comply, detect and respond to threats againstbusiness-critical applications running on SAP.

SAP applications, being a business enabler, are often crucial for organizations to run their operations as they handle financial, operational, planning, and budgeting and several other aspects of a business. In the current scenario, there are not many security solutions that can understand the security loopholes and logs generated by SAP systems. Many organizations in the region are struggling to get real insight into the SAP security space. Paramount is glad to introduce them into the GCC market as this will help critical organizations in Oil and Gas, BFSI as well as Government sector to protect their SAP systems effectively and in a non-complex way.

Why SAP Cybersecurity?

SAP is the backbone of any organization as it houses the organizations most valuable and sensitive information like HR, Finance and client data. Gartner estimates that only 30% of companies with complex business critical applications like SAP make use of automated SOD controls monitoring solutions. Approximately 75 percent of enterprise application attacks could be stopped if systems were patched for known vulnerabilities.

Onapsis helps enterprises to reduce their attack surface, expedite attack discovery, and reduce time to remedies. It is the first SAP Cybersecurity solution that combines Vulnerability, Compliance, Detection and Response capabilities that traditional security solutions do not provide. Through continuous monitoring, the Onapsis Security Platform delivers a real-time preventative, detective and corrective approach for securing SAP systems and applications. SAP enterprise applications house an organization's most valuable and sensitive financial, HR and customer data and intellectual property, yet they are not protected from cyber threats and insider threats with traditional security approaches and controls.

Vulnerability and Compliance

  1. Identify all SAP infrastructure and generate graphical topology maps showing the connections between systems and applications.
  2. Assess risks based on vulnerabilities and tie business context into remediation planning processes.
  3. Performs audits to Identify compliance gaps and enforce requirements based on internal policies and industry regulations.

Detection and Response

  1. Continuous monitoring of threats against the SAP infrastructure.
  2. Provides visibility into attacks, with context, to determine if the attack is likely to be successful.
  3. Leverages Vulnerability and Compliance results to determine the likelihood and impact of threats against SAP systems.
  4. Delivers attack signatures to respond to anomalous user behaviors.

Advanced Threat Protection

  1. Delivers protection against SAP vulnerabilities for which no SAP security note has been released.
  2. Receives a direct feed of the latest vulnerabilities found and confirmed by the Onapsis Research Labs.
  3. Detects attempts to exploit zero day vulnerabilities.

Onapsis Security Platform Architecture

The Onapsis Security Platform provides the underlying framework for all of the above Onapsis Solutions to run on top of. Key capabilities include:

Key functionality of the Onapsis Security Platform includes:

  1. Open APIs that allow you to integrate into current controls and processes
  2. Incorporate Onapsis solutions into your existing vulnerability management programs and risk/threat detection processes.
  3. Web-based user interface
  4. Multi-user with role based access
  5. Cloud ready
  6. Distributed architecture design
  7. Secure storage and communication of sensitive data


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