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Networks are the veritable nerve lines of any organization. Borderless communication and speed of information access are defined by the stability and effectiveness of any network. Core and Perimeter networks thus need to be designed to perfection to ensure effective communication between enterprise systems. That given, Network security is the backbone that ensures the network you designed with such consideration stay safe. As your organization’s security partner, Paramount ensures that this is there to stay.

Network Security solutions include next-generation firewall security and intrusion prevention, advanced behavior analysis, and sophisticated threat detection engines, all designed to protect your next-generation networks. They are meant to provide maximum availability, security, integrity, flexibility and manageability, with minimum overhead and thus reducing the risks.

It is always to your advantage to know what the possible threats are, to which ones your network is susceptible to. With Next generation firewalls, intrusion preventions systems (IPS) and Network Access Control solutions, DDOS mitigation platforms, your organization would have the right artillery to put up a wining battle against threats like Trojans, Denial of Service Attacks, Worms, Zero-day attacks and the like.

Any outage that is caused on the network hits productivity and causes business loss. The objective is to prevent both the entry and spread of the attack on the network. Having the right solutions to protect your network minimizes your IT and Business Risks when under attack. Needless to say, one needs a multi-layered approach to network security, to ensure that there is a second line of defense for every breach of security.

Paramount’s comprehensive network solutions give you the leading edge in any circumstance. As your partner in security, we offer the latest technologies and stand by you in identifying and eradicating any present or emerging threats, while minimizing the impact on operations and ensuring business continuity at all times.

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