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For high velocity businesses, networks are the vital links. There is a broad line separating a well-defined network from a securely-designed network. But what is commonplace in many organizations is the fact that IT networks are designed to adhere to performance and, in the process, the security aspects are side-lined or compromised.

The Paramount’s design and architecture review process strikes a balance between the performance and the security aspect of the network. To ensure security,it is essential to have an appropriate network architecture and design. The cost and effort of enhancing security after development and deployment are too high. Hence, it is essential that the first steps are correctly formulated and implemented.

What is network security architecture and design forensics?

The framework for the design of the physical components, their functional organization, operational principles and many more come under the broad umbrella of network security architecture. Design forensics looks into the existing designs of network architectures and identifies loopholes, legal compliance issues and the like, to prevent any type of breach or compromise.

Approach and Offerings

Combining multiple viewpoints allows Paramount to assess your network, operating system, web service, network devices and web application from an enterprise security perspective. This includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Security Policy
  2. Perimeter Security
  3. Core Network Security
  4. Endpoint Security
  5. Asset and Information Classification
  6. Network Topology
  7. Network Controls
  8. Routers and Firewalls
  9. Intrusion Detection
  10. VPN and Remote Access
  11. Email Security

The end product of a Network Architecture Review is an enterprise-wide strategic and tactical solution for data, device and user security. Architecture reviews provide enterprise security modelling by incorporating the following integrated services:

  1. Network Segmentation
  2. Device configuration Review
  3. Minimum Security Baselines
  4. Firewall Rule Set Reviews
  5. Access Controls
  6. SIEM Deployment
  7. IPS Deployment
  8. Wireless Security
  9. WAF Deployment
  10. OS Security

Outcome and Delivery

The architecture of a network is governed by the organizational policy and is built upon the requirements that help support business operations. As such, the security of the network architecture ensures the continuous and reliable performance of operations activity.

A network security architecture and design review helps organizations validate the security-related features of networks and enhance security with cost optimization. Paramount allows organizations to identify and fix potential vulnerabilities before they can be exploited and before the fix requires a substantial re-engineering effort.

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