Mobile Application Security

As the use of mobile applications increases the organizations’ need to consider how to protect data as it travels across mobile networks. It is important for organizations to identify and mitigate application specific vulnerabilities before any deployment. Paramount can play a key role in your mobile application security testing framework by reducing the risk and enticement to attack, as well as advising on fixes and working on ‘missile proof’ plans!

What is mobile application security testing?

Mobile Application Security testing is a method of doing a detailed analysis of applications meant for mobile platforms like iOS, Android and Blackberry from a security perspective.

Approach and Offerings

Paramount’s approach to mobile application security is based on the following process.

  1. Information Gathering
  2. Threat Modelling
  3. Application Traffic Analysis
  4. Data Storage Analysis
  5. Reporting

From discovering the insecure use of cryptography to verifying that all sensitive information is removed upon app uninstallation, we check for all signs of unintentional data transmissions and nefarious activities to give you the complete solution.

Outcome and Delivery

Whether a mobile app is bought or developed in-house, Paramount provides the intelligence to protect against attacks and ensure compliance with policies, without stifling the innovation springboard.

With comprehensive risk analysis, testing in controlled sandboxes and excellent virtualization capabilities, we give organizations the confidence to scale, whilst exposing risk zones, malicious behavior and technical vulnerabilities. Whatever the breed of technology, we have integrated and platform agnostic solutions that are intelligent and, more importantly, powerfully efficient and effective.

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