What are Managed Security Services?

According to recent industry research, most organizations (74%) manage IT security in-house, but 82% of IT professionals said they have either already partnered with, or plan to partner with, a managed security service provider.

Managed security services (MSS) are also considered the systematic approach to managing an organization's security needs. The services may be conducted in-house or outsourced to a service provider that oversees other companies' network and information system security. Functions of a managed security service include round-the-clock monitoring and management of intrusion detection systems, web application firewalls, firewalls, overseeing patch management and upgrades, performing security assessments and security audits, and responding to emergencies.

Why is it important for enterprises?

The adoption of managed security services is often driven by the cost effectiveness of gaining access to specialized security tools and expertise on a shared basis. While your organization may not be able to stomach the budget requirements of hiring a full-time advanced intrusion analyst that might only investigate a few incidents per week, a MSSP can amortize the cost of this advanced experience over multiple enterprise customers.

Essentially, organizations find themselves gaining time-shared access to the tools, techniques and knowledge of a wide array of specialized security professionals for the cost they would otherwise incur hiring a smaller team of full-time security generalists.


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