“GRC” as a concept and subject has been around for a long time. However, recent surveys and expert reports suggest that very few organizations have made the best out of GRC; and most GRC initiatives in organizations struggle to demonstrate RoI and TCO, given their silo operation/ pockets of excellence - incoherent GRC actions across the organization.

Paramount has devised a strategic advisory that initiates organizations to understand that GRC begins with a business centric approach and not in association with any solution or Tool. Yes, onesurely needs a Solution to automate, bring sanity and global perspective. But, the first step is to understand the organizations maturity for GRC.

Today organizations are facing greater pressure than ever before to effectively manage their risk and comply with ever-growing governmental regulation, volatile and dynamically changing business environment and also increasing the dependencies on a digital enhanced infrastructure, however, they must overcome a number of GRC challenges to meet these pressures.


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