IT Governance-COBIT

Cybersecurity and its governance is often a subject of hot debate – not as a standard or framework– but from an applicability perspective. Any organization needs a fundamental set of principles from to take the bearings and identifying and defining them is a key challenge. Paramount as a technology and consulting partner brings a world of expertise and helps you customize individual processes, policies and frameworks to best suit your business best.

What is IT Governance and Security?

Cybersecurity is a direct corporate governance responsibility and lies squarely on the shoulders of the Board of the company. A good governance model concentrates on the concepts adopted from various frameworks and is suitably customized to business. Governance is a constant process and the framework that organizations develop should cater to its flexibility and scalability, thereby aligning itself to the set business objectives.

Paramount Approach

Approach, Offerings and Outcome

At Paramount, we strongly believe that no one framework is as strong as a framework customized to meet the business requirements of an organization. The team from Paramount is equipped to engage in an excellence model derived out of standards such as CoBit, ISO 38500, ISO 27001/ 27002, ISO 27005, ISO 20000 and ISO 22301. This model helps arrive at measurable effectiveness model rather than as an overload to the existing policy framework.

At the end of the day, we are fighting risks pertaining to information and data that pertains to the business. It is a collective responsibility to ensure that the business continuity and policy effectiveness stay intact at all times.

Paramount Approach


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