ISR / ADSIC / ISO 27001:2013

Security certification from recognized international bodies and compliance to standards is vital for organizations to exhibit seriousness, intent and awareness at all times. From incident reduction to gaining an enhanced reputation to achieving a competitive advantage, we help you achieve the full benefits of any certification with our management systems and services.

What are information security management systems and why are they important?

An organization is a network of people, process and technology interacting with each other. If it is found in a situation where the process seems to change, accountabilities are uncertain and deadlines are missing, then perhaps there is a genuine concern in the people, process or technology front.

Getting all 3 aligned is absolutely essential to avoid related risks and ensure information assurance. A security management system helps answers all questions related to people, process and technology

People – what are the key issues? Who owns the process, who is involved, what are their roles and responsibilities and corresponding awareness levels?
Process – The definition of procedure and processes to each function that people follow/ adopt.
Technology –Strengthening the technology backbone that supports the business.

Approach and Offerings

The following factors form the fundamental tenet of the Paramount solution.

  1. Security requirements of the organization should be aligned with organizational business needs.
  2. There should be a definite rational mapping between the magnitude of investment on security and the requirements of the system on which it is invested.
  3. Security requirements of systems should not cause any degradation of the current levels of organizational services or function.
  4. Requirements drawn up should be sufficient and complete as well as effective and efficient.

Paramount Approach

Outcome and Delivery

Some of the benefits of implementing the ISO 27001 standard are as follows:

  1. Brings compliance with legal, regulatory and statutory requirements
  2. Enhances vendor status
  3. Augmentation in overall organizational efficiency and operational performance
  4. Significantly limits security and privacy breaches
  5. Provides a process for information security and corporate governance
  6. Reduces operational risk while threats are assessed and vulnerabilities are mitigated
  7. ISO 27001 certification is recognized on a worldwide basis

Paramount Approach


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