What is Incident Response Platform?

Incident response platform arms organizations with a powerful, dynamic platform for managing and resolving all incident types quickly and efficiently. This ensures your team knows exactly what they need to do and how to do it without needing to email them, eliminates the need for status updates, and allows you to loop in members of the executive team, HR, PR, or legal without spending all day on the phone. The platform orchestrates response processes, providing action plans based on best practices and your organization’s SOPs. The dynamic action plans guide your team along the most effective response path, and adjust in real time as information about an incident is uncovered.

It works seamlessly with the prevention and detection systems you use today to create a central hub for IR management.It’s a continual cycle of preparation, assessment, management, and mitigation — in order to stay ahead of cyber attacks.

Why is it Important for Enterprises?

Incident Response today is broken; it relies on various inefficient systems or home grown solutions that were not built to handle the complicated process of Incidence Response. They lack collaboration, intelligence, and task management. They weigh IR teams down chasing data and alerts from a myriad of systems.

Paramount Approach

For decades, the security industry focused on prevention and detection solutions. Incident response (IR) was not a priority – leaving security teams using manual tools, like email or spreadsheets, and inefficient, inconsistent processes to contend with cyber incidents.Today, there’s a better way to manage incident response.

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Paramount Approach


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