Identity and Access Management

With the world having shrunk to a global village, workforce diversity, organizational footprints across geographies, and byzantine by-laws and local regulations have created additional challenges to information control. It is imperative for any organization to have solutions in place that deliver a comprehensive view of the identity landscape, in order to deliver sustained value and ensure business continuity. Vital to this link is the fact that the right resource must have access to the right information. Paramount provides a complete suite of solutions for any environment and a way to completely manage any electronic identity.

What is an identity management system (IAM)?

The domain of Identity and Access Management (IAM) deals with managing the complexities around identities, access privileges and resources being accessed. IAM solutions help an organization ensure that only the ‘Right People’ access the ‘Right Data’ from the ‘Right Place’ at the ‘Right Time’. If any one of these rights turns out wrong, then we have a potential hacking or sabotage attempt at hand, either internal or external.

Approach, Offerings and Outcome

In today’s economic climate, it is critical that you are efficient and effective with your time, resources and budget. Making the right decisions – from installation and deployment to user training and measuring your ROI – in your Identity and Access Management (IAM) strategy will be the key to your organization’s agility in these turbulent times. For e.g., strong authentication can be deployed for any kind of online application such as e-brokerage, insurances, e-commerce, e-gaming, e-health solutions, CRM, ERP, payroll applications amongst other verticals. Privileged access management software supports and enforces the policies and controls needed to mitigate risks created by privileged users, those with elevated rights and access to administrative accounts, credentials and systems. This risk-based approach frees organizations from the constraints of a security-focused, audit-driven philosophy, promoting scalable, secure and compliant business operations.

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