Paramount empowers organizations to answer common security questions and prepares them for all security-related eventualities. These include

  1. Is our business is being targeted by computer crimes internally or externally?
  2. What is the financial, operational and legal impact?
  3. Are we capable of conducting prompt investigations to mitigate the risk of corporate fraud?
  4. Do we have an on-going relationship with a forensic specialist, who can be summoned during times of crisis?
  5. Do we have a preparedness plan – do we know "What not to do" during an incident?
  6. What are the damage control measures to take and what is the first line of planning and defense in a security crisis situation?

What is IT Forensics & Forensic Preparedness? Why is IT Forensic preparedness essential for an organization?

Forensic readiness is acknowledged as a significant component of Cybersecurity. Businesses do not explicitly need a digital forensic expert. But what goes without saying is the need to have appropriate plans to identify and preserve important evidence such as e-mails, web traces, logs intelephones/PCs and other communication devices records. It also helps to have a fundamental understanding of the importance and associated legal liabilities. Paramount’s approach to IT forensics offers organizations the following benefits

  1. Necessary evidence gathering to help appropriately with the company’s defense
  2. Building an effective deterrence against insider threats.
  3. Efficient and rapid investigation
  4. Systematic and structured approach significantly reducing the associated costs and time
  5. Demonstration of good corporate governance of the company’s information assets/ security framework
  6. Meeting regulatory requirements
  7. Improving and facilitating interface with law enforcement (where necessary)
  8. Improving the prospects for successful legal actions

Approach and Offerings

Paramount’s approach to forensics not only dwells upon the concept of incident investigation, but if need be also looks at it from the perspective of prevention, protection, analysis, equipment maintenance and testimony in courts of law. An in depth Cybersecurity forensic audit (also called IT forensic or computer forensic assessment) is conducted with the goals of achieving the following

  1. Security incident investigation and analysis outcome
  2. Determining the root cause of the security incident – Who, Why, When and How?
  3. Determining the impact of a security breach on the confidentiality and integrity of the company’s operational information.

Our comprehensive approach to forensics includes

Forensic Readiness and Implementation

Locating the necessary information and extracting it is a daunting task, particularly in businesses involving multiple locations, different means of access to information and various stakeholder touch points. This often involves expertise over and above the customized equipment and software. Organizations need to have a systematic and disciplined approach to respond to breaches in a timely manner and prevent any reoccurrence in future.

Data Collection and Preservation

Identify, collect and preserve electronically stored information (ESI) using the tools and techniques approved by the local legislation. Data is gathered from any source be it desktops, laptops, servers, smart phones, tablet devises or any other in a forensically sound, defensible and cost effective manner.

Remote data collection and processing

The industry’s best forensic technology solutions are used to collect evidence in any location, even those that are remote and off the corporate network.

Forensic Practices Communication and Lab Development

Our extensive forensic expertise helps to improve best practices, communicate new procedures, test the efficacy of existing procedures and establish standards. We also help in designing and setting up your own forensic laboratory, based on your unique needs.

Forensic Equipment Calibration and Maintenance

Digital equipment standards require that any analytical instruments used like log monitoring solutions be properly calibrated and maintained in proper working order. What is the use of equipment if it is not reliable?

Data analysis and reporting

All the data collected is analyzed, comprehensive reports prepared and results established, with solutions to prevent reoccurrence.

Expert Witness Testimony

Providing the materials for deposition during trial, expert trial testimony in legal disputes involving electronic devises are some of the services we offer.

Outcome and Delivery

Forensics requires a special set of skills and proficiency for various reasons including collection of evidence, field investigations and/or interrogations, the preservation, analysis and presentation of related evidence and to reconstruct and analyze the incident to aid in solving computer-related crimes. It also requires a deep understanding of the impact from various angles on the business process and a strong will to protect and maintain business confidentiality.

At Paramount, we empower your organization with the tools and techniques to not only analyze incidents and prevent reoccurrence, but also work with the goal of prevention, ability to conduct in house analysis in the event of an incident and forensic training. As the leader in Cybersecurity solutions, we deliver a holistic approach that ensures the best outcomes and preparation at all times.

Forensics And Forensic Preparedness


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