Data Security

Digital Data is the lifeline of an enterprise business today. Enterprises create, collect, disseminate, process, analyze, store and transmit data all day, every day. It’s the heart and soul of most organizations, and they rely on it to achieve their goals and accomplish their missions. But how safe is this most precious asset of the business?

Securing this lifeline of enterprises is key to ensure uninterrupted business and mitigate the risks created by the cyber attacks and data leakage, a data-centric security solution targeted at directly protecting the data, versus the computing or storage environments of the organization, will add additional fortification to security measures currently in place. Such a solution should focus on protecting data, files, documents and folders stored and used by the user community throughout its lifecycle. It should also protect the data when it is in motion and distributed to employees internally, externally and to partner organizations.

Additionally, the solution should be minimally disruptive to the end users’ workflow and include the ability for IT, security or privacy administrators to access the protected data as needed for auditing or mischievous employee behavior purposes.Data-centric security is the only way to ensure the most important asset of the business—the data—is protected.

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