Human Risk Management

More than 90% of data breaches today are caused by human behaviour. The problem is the false belief that simply giving users more generic training will be enough to build a culture of security in the organisation and effectively manage human risk. OutThink's revolutionary Human Risk Management Platform exists as the first solution to actually reduce the human risk exposure of large enterprise organizations by giving CISOs complete visibility into the risk the workforce poses to the organisation. These organizations operate under hybrid environments such as “On-Prem”, “Cloud” and “SaaS services” and users are now bringing their own devices, working remotely, sharing services, etc. This shift in the focus of these organizations and individuals involved has forced there to be a shift in the current methods of evaluation because the changes have made it increasingly complex to identify “Who has access to what Systems or Applications and Why?”.

Combining human intelligence with data from existing security systems reveals unique patterns of risk across the organisation allowing CISOs to understand which individuals pose higher cybersecurity risk to the organisation and automatically determine the most appropriate improvement actions to address the risk.

Our Solution

  • Adaptive Security Awareness Training

  • Autonomous Phishing Simulations

  • Human Risk Intelligence (powerful metrics, interactive dashboards)

  • Predictive Human Risk Models


  • Automation workflows + unsupervised Machine Learning decisioning

  • Know your people (their attitude, perception, sentiment towards security)

  • Clear ROI (productivity saving + measurable risk reduction)

  • Scientifically sound (Royal Holloway ISG, UCL, Bochum RHUR)

Value Achieved

  • Save time. Reduce productivity impact

    Targeted awareness training based on employees need and risk (effective + saves time).

  • Users love it

    4.76* average user experience rating - relevant, high quality, Sharia compliant, native Arabic.

  • Effortless. Easy to deploy

    No installation required (SaaS). No need for dedicated resource. Autonomous. Always on.

  • Long lasting behavioural change

    63% reduction in serial clickers, 508% increase in employee resilience to phishing attacks.