Data Protection Impact Assessment

Data Protection Impact Assessment

Privacy compliance assessments are essential gap analyses against regulations, codes of conduct, and organizational standards of practice. Organizations must identify gaps between existing controls and practices and what’s expected by regulations or guidelines.

The compliance requirements could be broadly applicable to the entire organization, or narrowly focused on a product, business unit or process within the organization. Organizations may have hundreds of internal systems that require internal (risk) assessment

What do we offer

Custom Assessment Templates

  • A library of up-to-date and ready-made privacy assessment templates, based on country/state and their corresponding regulations—like GDPR, CCPA, etc.—all in one place
  • A library of custom assessment templates crafted and curated by an organization
  • Multi-regulation templates that ensure you comply with multiple regulations within a single audit

Seamless Collaboration

  • Ease of assessment completion by stakeholders, by providing them the capability to assign various sections of the assessment to their internal subject matter experts
  • Built-in context-aware chat and discussions among subject matter experts to collaborate asynchronously to complete assessments
  • Comprehensive workflows to engage various stakeholders for input, review and approvals
  • Easy sharing of completed assessments with supporting documentation and evidence to businesses and partners
  • A robotic assistant that provides assistance in tracking assessment and providing answers to basic questions about internal assessments


  • Mapping of responses to multiple regulations, and assessing compliance against multiple regulations, with a single response
  • Autonomous reminders for assessment updates, based on time or the changes in underlying regulations
  • Regular privacy compliance posture reports shared with internal stakeholders
  • An intuitive reporting dashboard so the governing authority within the organization understands the privacy readiness of the organization

Maintain Evidence

  • Evidence that documents compliance against individual requirements within each assessment
  • Approval and audit records to provide proof of compliance and operational integrity
  • An assessment archive for record management and regulatory compliance


  • Track the assessment completion centrally
  • Comprehnesive Dashboard to understand the current readiness of Data Privacy
  • Simple and easy to understand templates
  • Save time with automation enablement