Data Mapping

Data Mapping

Data mapping is the system of cataloging the data collected by an organization, how that data is used, stored and processed, and how that data travels within and beyond an organization. A fundamental requirement of any privacy regulation is understanding what personal information is being collected, how it is processed and where it is stored.

This sets the baseline from which to assess privacy risks, ensure the safekeeping and fair use of personal data, and handle requests from data subjects and regulators in a timely fashion.

What do we offer


  • Information flow within an organization, between organizations (processors, contractors, suppliers), outside an organization and data flow across countries
  • Extensive metadata mapping for every element within a data map including data type, data format, location, ccountability, access list, etc.


  • An expandable, organization-centric icon library
  • Data maps that users can clone and enhance, making the process efficient and extensible
  • An easy to understand, visual artboard from which users can describe the information flow
  • A portal that ensures the right users and SMEs create, collaborate and provide feedback on information flows
  • Reduction of uncertainties in business flows where typically one or more subject matter expert would need to be consulted